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How Serious Can Food Allergies Become?

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Because of the potential extreme danger that food allergies pose to the public, it is vital that people look into this matter in a more serious light. According to statistics, millions of people and probably more around the world were affected by food allergies. Furthermore, 200 people in the United States alone are reported to die yearly due to illnesses acquired from food allergies. This statistic is astounding, that is why there is a necessity for the people not only in the United States but all over the world to be aware how allergic reactions can be deadly. In the [...]
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Why You Are Allergic And Others Are Not

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Allergens are everywhere but why are there people who are more prone to developing allergies and why are there people whose bodies do not seem to give a heck? The thing is, our bodies react differently to allergens. While it is true that allergy-inducing components are present in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink in varying quantities, our bodies can somehow fight them or get defeated by them. It is basically a war between the immune system and the nasty foreign substances we dearly call "allergens". The difference lies in the reaction of [...]

Wheat Allergy

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You probably see lots of news, stories, magazines and TV shows about the allergies, horrific allergy stories as a result of the eating certain foods. One such food is wheat. However, while there is indeed such a thing as wheat allergy, this is not a license for you to skip wheat all together when you find yourself showing even the remotest signs of an allergy. First it is recommended to visit your doctor and if it is possible, take a blood test. For one thing, true wheat allergy is exceptionally rare. And other adverse reactions to wheat are also uncommon. [...]

Skin Allergies

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The skin is the biggest organ at the human. One of the most common allergies is skin allergies. Usually the skin allergies are caused as reaction of the immune system and because it becomes hypersensitive. This is situation in which one your immune system does not recognize substances entered in your body. So, when it comes in contact with these "harmful" substances, your immune system produces huge amounts of antibodies. Usually, substances are not harmful as your immune system sees them. These substances are also known as allergens and they may be affected from various causers such as pollen, dust, [...]

Peanut Allergy

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Lots of the people are convinced that peanut is the type of the nut, still, you should to know that peanut is the plant that belongs to the family of legume. Peanut allergy is one type of the food allergy and it is one of the most common allergies related to beans. Proteins found in peanuts act as very strong allergens, no matter of the amount that certain food contain them. The last research that FAAN, has done, show that number of the children that are suffering from peanut allergy is in growing. This shows that it is necessary for [...]

Mold Allergies

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Damp places are usually thrived with the little things seen only by microscope, known as mold spores. Still, no matter of the small size of mold spores, they may be very dangerous for the people who are allergic on them or even deadly. Airborne allergens are the most causes of the allergies. It's not only that mold spores may be found on the walls and surfaces, but also they may spread in the air. People who are allergic on the mold may much easier breath mold spores, than people who are not allergic on the same. For majority of the [...]